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Momentum Enrollment Bonuses

$2,497 Value
When you enroll, you'll get access to twice monthly Q&A calls with Jenny, our private "Brilliance Barter" Facebook group, 5+ years of archives in the Momentum library, AND these 3 bonus courses to get your solopreneur systems up-and-running with ease, joy, and robust recurring revenue. Our goal is to help you 10X your Momentum investment every single month, to make it the best purchase you've ever made!

Pivot to Profit: Six-Month Live Course

Step-by-Step Systems and Mindset Shifts for Setting Your Time Free and Designing Your Ideal Six-Figure Heart-Based Business

Jenny will teach a live 75-minute Masterclass each month to help you design and build toward your ideal six- or seven-figure business. You’ll learn how to pivot when you hit plateaus through the four-stage Pivot Method, a process you can repeat continuously to gain traction in your business. 

Free-up Founder Time: 14-Lesson Mini-Course

For solopreneurs to immediately free up 2 to 5 hours per week to do your best creative thinking and strategic business-building

Save time and free your mind through crazy-smart systems and simple, actionable tools and next steps, also delivered via audio for learning on the go. Get support to put these steps into action during Free-up Founder Time Study Hall Calls with Community Director Stephanie Huston.

Do This Next: 30-Day Systems Quickstart

Blueprint of must-have systems, software, and mindset shifts I’d implement first if I were starting my business from scratch.

This course covers the most important next steps across four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants: Energy, Financial, Systems, and Business-Building Intelligence, and includes the Business Ninja Tech Toolkit for Going Pro: after years of testing, 40 business services I subscribe to, with price and tier.

Build with Intention, Community & Feedback

A few words from Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One and Momentum's founder, on launching the community in 2014 and what you'll find inside ❤️🤓


Get a Jump on 2020 Visioning & Crazy-Smart Systems Building

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"Your first mastermind call is already better than a recent class I took for $3,000! I am kicking myself!!"

— Josephine B.

If you have a change of heart? No worries:

Enrollment Comes With a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Only 100 Spots Available

We love having a small tight-knit group :) We will return to waitlist-mode when all spots are filled, and doors may not re-open until 2021.

Light a Clean Burning Business Fire

Heart-based business is not about who can hustle, grind, and grit hardest to “beat” the competition

Sure, those qualities may come in handy at times . . .

You and I both know they do, but you will burn out faster than when you were in the corporate world if you try to build a business upon hustle and grit as your foundation and primary source of fuel.

That type of business becomes a “dirty” fire that burns uncontrollably, wrecking everything in its path.

Most of all, it just isn’t sustainable. Compare that to a clean-burning fire — one that regularly clears out old underbrush, and ignites new healthy growth in a contained, strategic, and systematic way.


Imagine you are:

  • Traveling and going off the grid....without panicking that everything will fall apart or that you’ll lose business or income while you’re gone.
  • Seamlessly working with clients while living abroad or working remotely.
  • Working 10-20 hour weeks and delegating the rest to a remote team who also works efficiently part-time from anywhere in the world.
  • Answering questions for your team with relief, knowing you don’t have to “own” the reply or next steps.
  • Empowering your team to answer their own questions before they even have to ask you, through solid systems and documentation.
  • Taking care of family members and emergencies without adding tremendous stress during your time of need, comforted by knowing your team has your back.
  • Confident that you are running a profit, and free to work strategically on your business and big, new creative projects, not just in the business delivering services.  
That’s what’s possible when you build a smart, systematized six-figure business, one that’s rooted in your authentic mission and unique solopreneur superpowers.

We Are On This Planet to Live, Love, Learn & Serve

Running your own business can be an epic creative's journey that teaches you all four of these crucial life skills.

Entrepreneurship is one of the biggest personal growth journeys you can undertake.
It will test you, reveal blind spots, and call forth your deepest fears so you can shine light on them, and grow in the process of dissolving the disempowering stories standing in your way, replacing them with a more empowering mindset moving forward.

You are upgrading your entire Operating System for life by running your own business.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Feeling guilty for not starting sooner or moving faster?
  • Embarrassed by the state of your systems? 
  • Berating yourself for lack of sophistication with certain tools and automations? Things like email tagging, segmenting, funnels, evergreen marketing, etc.?
  • Bummed you or your team aren’t farther along?
  • Frustrated at the way you're working, but unsure how to change it?
  • On certain days—after working tirelessly for weeks, months, or years—feeling like you just want to quit and throw in the towel on the whole thing?
If your answer was yes to any of the above, you are not alone!
In fact, you are human, and yes, you sound just like a solopreneur who really cares about making their business work.
We all go through these dips along the way, myself included.
My commitment is to share my dips and bounce-backs openly and honestly, as we build together toward more sophisticated, resonant solutions.

Solo+preneurship means that you are not alone, nor can you continue to build a business that’s carried only on your back.

After all, what if you want to go off the grid on a safari for two weeks? Or worse, you get sick or have an unforseen life crisis that takes you out for weeks or months?
Should everything grind to a halt? No.

Heart-based business goes beyond an obsession with money, metrics, and the bottom line:

  • The “more more more” trap is easy to fall into, and exhausting. More followers, more leads, bigger list, more conversions. If you are here just to learn how to make more money online, you are in the wrong place.
  • Similarly, I have no interest in teaching you how to hang a shingle for something you see others doing (like life coaching) without any formal training or experience to back it up.

Heart-based business is about delivering excellence in our work with humility, holding a belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. 

  • It means creating as much good as we can in the world with authenticity and integrity.
  • The Pivot/Momentum team and I believe in radical transparency, sharing truth while it’s fresh, delightful specificity, and building crazy-smart systems along the way.

Momentum is a fit if you already have expertise and are looking to build structure that will help you experience greater ease, joy, and revenue to take things to the next level in your life and work.

  • If you are here to learn, give, and do great work that lights you up while serving the highest good for all involved—then you are in the right place.

No One On My Team Works "Full Time" — Even Me

Does your business help you achieve your ideal day? Or are you running yourself ragged trying to become profitable?

Stress is a systems problem.
Running a heart-based business has you at the center, with the clients and community you’re serving radiating out as spokes.
It does no one any good to burn out trying to make everyone else happy. You have an opportunity to build smart systems to free your time, your mind, and your energy to do your best work.
Even now, earning mid six-figures with a part-time team of four, I work an average of 20-30 hours per week. I am earning 4-5 times my Google salary, in a fraction of the time. 
If you’re already running your own business, what would happen if you aimed not just to “pay the rent” but to live an abundant lifestyle that brings you even more delight and ease?
I have been running my business full-time since 2011 (platform-building since 2005), and my joy and revenue have both been “up and to the right” — with some inevitable big learning dips and plateaus along the way.
A peek into my path:  
  • 2011: I was just getting off the ground — but was profitable enough not to touch my savings for the first year — a big surprise to my inner CFO who surely thought I’d be down to $0 in six months and begging Google to take me back for another job!
  • 2012 - 2013: Floundering while figuring out how to pivot away from Life After College (the blog I started in 2005 with a book that launched in 2011), and rebuild my identity post-Google. Went through a mini-crisis trying to overcome “big shiny brand” syndrome, wondering if I had value outside of being identified with the iconic company. Hired two interns, and my first VA in 2012 (for $250/mo) to start freeing up my time.
  • 2014-2016: Started earning six figures while writing and launching Pivot, starting the Pivot Podcast (in the scrappiest way, but it quickly became my biggest business love!), and launching the private Momentum community for side hustlers and solopreneurs — to this day my favorite place to “hang out” online, and the only reason I sign-in to Facebook. Brought Marisol (at ~40 hours per month) on to my team as Director of Communications (in addition to a Virtual Assistant) to help with customer support, client work, and community management.  
  • 2017-2018: Ran my business while traveling for keynote speeches around the world. My now-husband Michael and I moved in together, both working from home in a 400-square-foot studio apartment. We did this for two years! I worked ~20 hours a week while leaning in to our relationship (and the first time I had ever lived with a partner, no less) — and still quadrupled my income, hitting almost half a million in revenue. Started licensing large-scale global Pivot programs to dream clients like Google and CHANEL.
  • 2019: After celebrating my 8th year in business, while gaining Momentum on the corporate client side, I hit a plateau in terms of what was energizing and draining me, and where I needed to invest further to truly "go pro" in terms of team, business sophistication, software, and systems. I converted to an S-Corp, put myself on payroll, and bought a condo in NYC (a long time soul goal). All this motivated me to mega-upgrade my internal operations, sparking a renaissance of “JB 3.0"—Marisol and I re-designed her role as I also brought on 3 more part-timers.

    To do this, we came up with Operating Principles and a manager manual, systematizing all that we could and upgrading software services. I became more determined than ever to diversify my Pivot portfolio even further to create cash flow, financial security, freedom, and abundance through even steadier robust recurring revenue. For fun and challenge in my year of Abundance, I set my sights on $1MM in top-line revenue (and hit the halfway mark in August).
  • 2020: Started all about doubling down and focusing on our three revenue-streams at the intersection of profit, ease, and joy. For us, that's Pivot Programs (licensing to companies), Momentum, and keynote speaking, as well as year five (!!) of the Pivot Podcast. We're getting clearer on tracking key metrics, sales systems for high-value programs, A/B testing with monthly experiments, and our team communication. 

    AND THEN . . . the pandemic hit, and the world paused. Momentum became our lifeboat for sailing the rocky seas and daily snow-globe shake-ups. 
  • 2021: Wrote my third book, Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business, based on the principles we've piloted in Momentum together, and launched the Free Time podcast to help business owners employ smarter systems to set their time free. 
  • 2022: The Free Time book launched, and won six publishing awards throughout the year! We renamed the community BFF, and I launched the done-for-you Free Time Business Operations Dashboard.
  • The rest is (always!) a work in progress . . . and you're invited to be part of it ❤️ 

"Reading Pivot and listening to Jenny's podcast opened me to the idea that it's possible — and not even out of reach — to have a work life that is both energizing and lucrative.

Jenny is an openhearted, honest, highly-insightful coach and facilitator. What makes her particularly unique is her willingness to pull back the curtain into her own business. It's been incredibly helpful to me.

I wanted more of this, so I joined the Momentum community. I always feel fueled and uplifted from the Q&A calls. They are a delightful mix of grounding and spiritual, plus uber-specific and systematic."

— Lindsey P.
Founder, Iron Clad Brand Strategy

What Exactly Is Momentum?

The community I wish I had when I launched my business full-time in 2011. It's where I share every success and mistake to shave off years of struggles as you build toward your biggest dreams.

I attribute so much of my early success in platform-building after launching my first website in 2005 to finding friendtors—creating a network of like-minded peers who inspire, exchange information and feedback, and open opportunity doors.  
The Momentum community is capped at 150 total members, so you will be an early adopter in this tight-knit group, and my intention is to get to know you!
You'll also be in great hands with Momentum's fantastic Community Director, Stephanie Huston, a social-media strategist and superstar with 10+ years of experience in the field. 
Momentum is about testing new ideas, sharing resources, getting feedback, and encouraging others. But it is also focused on systematizing innovation and joy in our work.
It is about busting out of ruts by experimenting with small ideas, through the added benefit of community and accountability.

As a Momentum Member You Will:

  • Save time, money, and effort—instead of buying online courses and products that sit dormant in neglected folders on your desktop, you will get access to resources, checklists, and best practices to help you go farther, faster
  • Block out all the internet noise and focus on the good stuff with highly curated tips and tools that have been road-tested to work
  • Find fun, ease, and confidence in trying new ideas. Momentum provides a safe, low-risk space to experiment and pivot whenever you need to, getting feedback along the way
  • Leverage what is already working to amplify your best results
  • Improve and build your skills with new courses, contacts, and step-by-step support
  • Learn how to rapidly prototype new programs and courses in your own business
  • Pivot when you hit plateaus through the four-stage Pivot Method, a process you can repeat as many times as necessary to gain traction in your business

What You'll Find Inside . . .

Upon enrolling, you’ll get instant access to the Momentum Library with 5+ years of archives, workshops, and courses

Your Monthly Membership Also Includes:

  • Access to your tribe of friendtors in our private Facebook Group, where you can mastermind and crowdsource resources in real time with other Momentum Members, some of whom have been there since the founding days in early 2015.
  • We operate on what we call the Brilliance Barter philosophy — an exchange built on the “take a penny, leave a penny” idea, where you can give and receive suggestions, connections, and feedback from a wide and unique variety of global connections.
  • Twice a month, Jenny hosts open Q&A calls - answering your specific business questions with tailored advice. These are always recorded so you can submit questions beforehand and listen to the recording if you can’t make it live. 
  • Every quarter, Jenny opens up spots for 1:1 Hotseat Coaching Sessions that are recorded and shared back out with the group, so others can benefit from your insights (and vice versa!).
  • Each quarter Jenny (and sometimes a special guest) host one or more workshops to deep dive into a timely major skill or topic, based on requests from the group.
  • Pivot to Profit Course: A six-month on-boarding series, where Jenny will teach a live 75-minute Masterclass each month to help you design and build toward your ideal six- or seven-figure business. Together you will grow in each of the four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants: Energy, Financial, Systems, and Business-Building.  
  • 65+ hours of exclusive Q&A call recording archives, over 5+ years.
  • 30+ workshop recordings including Scalable Streams of Solopreneur Income, Writing and Launching a Book or Podcast, Reaching out to VIPs, Attracting Ideal Clients, and Soul Goals: Aligning with Your Inner Blueprint.
  • Every one of Jenny's 50+ templates, including private resources that are only shared with Pivot coaching clients.
  • Pivot Mastermind Kit for launching your own small accountability group.
  • 30% discount on all of Jenny’s online courses, including (He)art of Podcasting, (He)art of Book Publishing, Delegation Ninja, and anything new she launches. 

"Every time I think, "Wow, this was amazing, where did I learn about it again?" It was from someone sharing it in Momentum. From client connections to book recommendations, Momentum has it all! It's such warm and supportive community."

— Caitlin F.

You will gain skills, sophistication, and experience across four Solopreneur Intelligence Areas:

Elevating my awareness, skills, and systems across these four areas has given me tremendous Momentum.

Forward movement.

My personal and business momentum did not come because a lightening bolt of luck struck me from above, although there have been plenty of fortunate, serendipitous encounters.
It came because I got determined to do things differently. There was no alternative. 
I stopped trying to do things alone, and started asking better questions.
I read everything I could get my hands on about building better business models, while still working on projects that interested me. I never was good at just following “what everyone else was doing” online. Blegh.
I am an open book. You can ask me anything—no question is too big, small, or specific—and I am happy to share.
Knowledge is power, and I know how empowering it can be to compare notes, shortcuts, feedback, and resources with other solopreneurs on parallel Pivot paths.

"Every call I have listened to has been amazing. Today I listened to that last three in a row and came away warmer, inspired and connected. Even if I’m not there live, the feeling I get from listening to the calls makes me feel part of something, and I love the quality of the topics. So many people are out there giving 'advice' and Jenny brings something honest, open, and informative."

— Liz W.

Generate Momentum: Monthly Investment

My private coaching retainer is $2,500 per month, and both 1:1 coaching spots I offer are full at the moment. VIP Pivot to Profit Strategy Days with me in New York City are $9,950, or $4,450 for a virtual half-day session.  


Momentum starts at $220 a month. Membership is paid on a monthly basis—and it’s good until cancelled, there is no minimum or maximum commitment. 


In addition to serving my corporate clients—which include companies like Google and Microsoft—with large-scale Pivot licensing and global coaching programs, Momentum is the only place that I’ll be investing my solo+preneur heart-based business coaching time and energy, and the most powerful, cost-effective way to work with me.


It’s certainly our goal (if not obsession!) to help you earn back the cost of enrollment and then some. Our aim is 10x'ing your revenue and freeing your time (and your mind) every single month as a result of the systems and strategies we share. 


We will help you design recurring revenue streams so you can build a sustainable business. That means healthy cash flow, scalable programs, and robust systems that continue to free your time and your mind to do your most creative work.

If you know you are interested, but are debating whether to wait for the next round, I’d highly suggest joining us now, as you will be grandfathered in at this price for life.

The investment will never be this low again, given that we raise the price every year (and every launch) as the value in the community grows exponentially over time.

Choose Your Momentum Experience

Select the level of support you'd love to as you ride the rollercoaster of running your own business. We'll provide the tools and community support to help you get there — with love and crazy-smart systems ❤️




Everything in the Momentum Member Tier, plus: 

Personal Pivot Coach to Help Set Strategy, Vision, Business Systems

Two 45-minute 1:1 calls 

Email In-between





Twice Monthly Group Q&A Calls with Jenny

Quarterly Hot Seat Coaching

Pivot Podcast Insider Q&A (Monthly Live Call) 

Monthly Virtual Office Hours

Private Facebook Group

Pivot to Profit: 6-Month Live Course to Design Your Ideal Six-Figure Business
(Details Below)





Everything in the Momentum Member Tier, plus: 

Monthly Group Virtual VIP Strategy Day Mastermind with Jenny

Monthly 1:1 Call with Jenny to Set Vision, Game-Plan for Strategy Days


Momentum Enrollment Bonuses

$2,497 Value
When you enroll, you'll get all of the above, plus these 3 courses to get your solopreneur systems up-and-running for maximum joy, ease, and profit—while aiming for the highest good for all involved. Remember, our goal is to help you 10X your Momentum investment every single month, to make it the best purchase you've ever made.

Pivot to Profit: Six-Month Live Course

Step-by-Step Systems and Mindset Shifts for Setting Your Time Free and Designing Your Ideal Six-Figure Heart-Based Business

Jenny will teach a live 75-minute Masterclass each month to help you design and build toward your ideal six- or seven-figure business. You’ll learn how to pivot when you hit plateaus through the four-stage Pivot Method, a process you can repeat continuously to gain traction in your business. 

Free-up Founder Time: 14-Lesson Mini-Course

For solopreneurs to immediately free up 2 to 5 hours per week to do your best creative thinking and strategic business-building

Save time and free your mind through crazy-smart systems and simple, actionable tools and next steps, also delivered via audio for learning on the go. Get support to put these steps into action during Free-up Founder Time Study Hall Calls with Community Director Stephanie Huston.

Do This Next: 30-Day Systems Quickstart

Blueprint of must-have systems, software, and mindset shifts I’d implement first if I were starting my business from scratch.

This course covers the most important next steps across four Solopreneur Intelligence Quadrants: Energy, Financial, Systems, and Business-Building Intelligence, and includes the Business Ninja Tech Toolkit for Going Pro: after years of testing, 40 business services I subscribe to, with price and tier.

"Pivot to Profit is brilliant. I reached my goal of hitting six-figures in my first 12 months after leaving corporate. I left just over a year ago, and it's been so great working through the steps to create/restructure my heart-based business. I like Jenny's approach because she avoids the 'hustle', the 'cold calls' and focuses on creating smart IP, thought leadership, and attracting the right clients."

Leanne H.
Founder, First Time Facilitator

Ready to Up Your Systems Game with Joy and Ease? Pivot to Profit in 2023 & Beyond

"MoMo!!!! Yes, that’s what we affectionately call it. I feel really blessed to be a member from its inception in 2015.

What is this MoMo thing? At its core, MoMo is a supportive community that values growth over comfort, and experimentation over doing the same old thing. It’s an experiment in how to live a deeper, more gratifying life, both professionally and personally. We’re here to support forward momentum in our lives.

For me, the most important thing is how it makes me feel. MoMo is a big hug, a listening ear, and a supportive hand. I got tired of flying solo for so many years in business. With MoMo, I’m no longer traveling this journey alone."

— Theo M.

Who is Momentum a Fit For?

Momentum is a private community for smart, generous, creative, heart-based business owners who want to bring intelligence, delight, and curiosity to their work.

Momentum will be a great match if you:

  • Already have a business (and accompanying expertise) that you are excited to grow into six-figure revenue (or more)
  • Are interested in meaningful connection and helping others succeed; excited about giving and receiving feedback
  • Have refined your talents, have real-world wisdom, and are willing to share tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies you’ve applied; eager to be open about your own ups and downs
  • Would be willing to connect fellow members to people in your network (only when it makes sense and you feel genuinely happy to do)
  • Believe that life is a gift (and even a game!) that we have the privilege of playing
  • Are often described you as kind, radiant, joyful, bright, and generous of spirit time, energy, transparency (even if you’re going through a dip in life or in this particular season)
  • Love reading non-fiction books, improving through podcasts and courses
  • Take responsibility for your life. If something isn’t working, you “own” the issue and look for ways to shift your perspective or your skills to rise to the challenge
  • Are honest with yourself and others. Even "white lies" feel terrible, and you avoid them, even when telling the truth is difficult
  • Open to astrology, numerology, personality assessments, and anything that can help round out the blueprint of who you are, and what you’re called to do in this world
  • Hold (or are working toward) an abundance mindset — there is plenty to go around for all of us; a rising tide lifts all boats
  • Give back to communities you are part of even when experiencing massive success (rather than aiming to leave the second you hit your biggest soul goals)
  • Are getting ready to scale a side hustle or small business beyond just yourself by making your first part-time hires
  • If you already have a few employees or contractors on board, you are now looking to optimize your time and your teams through systems, delegation, and workflow

Who is Momentum Not a Fit For?

No hard feelings, we just want to make sure you find exactly what you need and what would serve you best!

Other programs will serve you better if you:

  • Are looking for a financial guarantee along the lines of, “If you join, you’ll earn X." That said, one of the upcoming workshops I’m most excited about is on rapid prototyping and designing your six or seven-figure business (with an easeful work week) — so that’s a focus, but not our only obsession.
  • Are not into “woo woo” talk (I’ve stopped apologizing for it or qualifying it!) about energy, intentions, and the universe. I’m all about the energetics of money and business, and you’ll quickly get sick of me if you aren’t :)
  • Fit what Adam Grant defines as a “matcher” or a “taker” — you often feel secretive, protective, and defensive about your ideas and IP. MoMo is a community of givers — people who give and share freely, without expectation.
  • Are committed to a victim mindset, or walk through the world glass half empty. Everything is someone else’s fault.
  • Resonate with the hard-core hustle mentality and want to build your business as quickly as possible. I work about five focused hours each day, on average.
  • Are building a start-up company and hoping to scale with angel or venture funding. Not my zone of genius. I like to stay delightfully small!
  • Are here to extract as much value as you can from the Momentum library, then exit before you’re charged again. We’re looking for long-term community members who could even transition into mentors as their own sophistication grows.
  • Don’t mind stretching the truth to increase sales. We are committed to truth, integrity, and “walking the talk” — put another way, a group of people where “what you see is what you get” — no surprises, whether you encounter us online or IRL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we recommend if you're at all on the fence to enroll now. We are getting an initial group onboarded, with the live 6-month Pivot to Profit course, that you'll have an opportunity to shape for every module based on your specific questions and needs.

Once doors close, we will raise the price with every subsequent launch as the value of the community grows. If you enroll now, you will be forever grandfathered in at this rate, and you can get a 100% refund within 30-days if you look around and don't resonate with the community. 

There's no trial period per se. Once you enroll, Stephanie (Momentum's Community Director) and Jenny will dive into making you feel welcome and helping you get up to speed (while trying not to overwhelm you with all the possible places you could start!)

We're hoping that after reading the overview and invitation letter above that it's a "Hell yes!" Trust your intuition. If now is not the time, or the community language and philosophy doesn't resonate, there are many other online programs that will! 

That said, we only want to work with people who are thrilled to be working with us! Know that it will take time to get used to the monthly cadence and start diving into all the programs and workshops, and we're all a little shy to dive into a Facebook group with other people you've never met!

But if you discover within the first month that it's just not a fit, you can get a refund just by emailing [email protected], no questions asked. (And no need to turn in homework or completed assignments)

That's great news! It means you are human, you are self-aware enough to know what you don't know, and you are riding the inevitable waves of self-employment. We are all in the same boat! Don't let hesitancy about your own abilities hold you back from joining the Momentum Community—we have business owners at all levels, and are a generous community who just loves helping share what we've already learned (usually the hard, long, winding way). You will be right at home!

Nope! Some of you will be focused mainly on the resource libraries, Q&A with Jenny (perhaps even just listening to the recording without tryint to make it live), and monthly content workshops, and others of you may be very interested in the discussion forums and even creating your own mastermind group within Momentum.

Once you join, we will ask for your feedback about your desired outcomes and interest areas, and get you set-up with what will work best for you.

This is a low-pressure community, and your needs/desires may change over time and adjust as you go through different phases in life and work. We've all been there!

You will be set-up for automatic monthly  billing through PayPal or by credit card (through Stripe).

You can cancel your account at any time, no questions asked. You can finish out that month (we do not offer partial refunds), and you will not be billed at the next month's billing cycle.

There are no monthly minimums, and there is no cancellation fee or notification window. If you decide you don't want to continue, just make sure to note your re-bill date and cancel before that time.

All members will get: 
  • Payment and log-in confirmation via email
  • You will receive a Welcome message with a short list of “getting started” tasks 
  • Over the next two weeks we will send you a series of orientation emails to get you acquainted with how things work
  • After enrollment doors close, Jenny will lead a live welcome call the following week! 

If you enroll at the 1:1 Coaching Tier: 

  • You will be matched with a Pivot Coach
  • You will get a 30-minute sign-up link for a getting to know you call
  • After that, you'll schedule your recurring calls (twice per month) 

If you enroll in Pivot VIP Mastermind with Jenny: 

  • Jenny will reach out to the six people who join at this tier to schedule a separate onboarding call
  • She'll work with you to get your 1:1 coaching sessions on the books
  • Jenny will send out a Doodle for availability among the group for the first Virtual VIP Strategy Day

There are six spots for the VIP Mastermind tier of Momentum.

Jenny will roll-up her sleeves and be your thought partner for all things Momentum and business-building! This level has a $11,500 value, and is priced at just $1,997 per month. 

The VIP Mastermind Momentum enrollment support takes two forms: 

  • A monthly 1:1 coaching call with Jenny to set your strategy and game-plan for the Virtual VIP Strategy Day, and
  • The Virtual VIP Strategy Day: This is a five-hour day with Jenny (with short breaks throughout), that mirrors what she leads with private clients who fly to NYC (read more to get an idea here). The group of six who are enrolled at this level will meet on Zoom as Jenny takes the group through content, strategy-setting, feedback, and implementation. You will directly shape what is covered in each of these sessions.  

We'd love to hear from you! Send us a note and we are happy to respond via email or even jump on a call.

If you have remaining questions that aren't answered above, email [email protected]

Someone from the team will be in touch ASAP and give you honest feedback on whether we think Momentum would be beneficial for you — if not, we are always happy to point you toward any other helpful resources!

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We can't wait to see you inside :) 

—Jenny and Stephanie, Momentum's Community Director

Not quite ready to join Momentum? Run Your Own Strategy Sprint

If you want to run your own two-day strategy sprint, enter your information here to get the free template we created from our own planning docs — which will be helpful even if you decide do to this solo!

2-Day Strategy Sprint Template

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Whew! You make it all the way to the bottom of this looong page :) We are thrilled to let you in on how things work in the Pivot  Momentum community, and look forward to keeping in touch. We're also super excited to welcome those of you new Momentum members who will be joining us!

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About Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is the founder of Pivot Method, a growth strategy company that helps forward-thinking individuals and organizations map what’s next through scalable Pivot programs.

She is an international keynote speaker who helps people move beyond burnout to build sustainable, dynamic careers and businesses they love. She is the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, which won an Axiom Best Business Books award. Jenny also hosts the popular Pivot Podcast, which Entrepreneur selected as one of the top 20 female-hosted business podcasts. After two years at a technology start-up in Silicon Valley followed by five years at Google in Training and Career Development, Jenny moved to New York City in 2011 where she has been running her own consulting business in the years since. Her motto: if change is the only constant, let's get better at it.

I created the Pivot Method because I needed a simple, repeatable way to navigate the tides of change and the stresses of solopreneurship.

I didn’t want to spin out every time I hit a business plateau. And as I teach in Pivot, plateaus are often a product of our success, even if they don't feel like that at the time.

The biggest mistake I made, the one that almost cost me by business back in 2013, was focusing primarily on what I didn't want, what I didn't know, and what I didn't have.

It seems obvious in hindsight, but none of that was going to propel me forward. All of my solutions were so far away that none of them would pay the rent that was due in two weeks. 

That’s when I had my aha moment, and when I created Brilliance Barter — the small community prototype that saved my business — and that became Momentum one year later.
I reverse-engineered my career history, my decade of coaching experience as a Certified Co-Active Coach (I went through CTI in 2008), and my early business pivots to create the four-stage Pivot Method, which is now the global career development framework at Google, who also happens to be my corporate alma mater.

Four-Stage Pivot Method 

Ultimately, Pivot boils down to a simple series of repeatable questions:
  • What’s working?
  • What does success look like?
  • What’s out there?
  • What can I try?
That’s it. There is no one answer. You cannot know your entire Pivot plan up front. You have to break things down into small enough chunks that feel safe to try, then let those pilots show you what starts to gain traction.
The same is true for your business. Build first, then your courage will follow.

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